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Washington State University researchers have found all the way to make food taste salty but with less of sodium chlorite tied to poor health

a stealth approach not like buying the reduce or option which people generally don’t like set color of Food Science professor at WSU if we can stay
a step people down then we increased Health while stillood that people want to eat

sodium chloride calcium chloride and potassium chloride Doge salt have no adverse health effects on people Road said I can usually help reduce blood
pressure Unfortunately they aren’t very tasty what a shame chloride spacely teste really better and people really don’t like it

30 second chair used
tester paint and electronic tongue to see just how much they could 8 of replacement salts for standard sodium chloride before people found dog food
unexpectable to eat

some testing been tested a variety of salt solution are salt in water While others tasted different salt combination in tomato soup.

Eugene the electronic tongue and panel they found that table and yoojung approximately 96.4% sodium chloride with 1.6% sodium chloride and 2% calcium
chloride while idle reduction

they had a higher reduction when they are only calcium chloride getting acceptable rates with the combination of 78% sodium
chloride with 22% calcium chloride

the combination of two solid did not significantly different compared to 100% sodium chloride.

when we added potassium chloride consumer exception decreased

why do human need salt consume significantly more than is necessary or even healthy the recommended maximum amount of salt eat less than 2300 mg average
Indian adult female consume 2980 hundred per day males average over 4000 mg per day

please in finding have suggested that gradual reduction in salt over
prayer of year in the best way to reduce salt conjunction using one of the new Blends for a specified time frame could lead to Greater reduction down the road


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How To Get Healthy Health At Home

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