Latest makeup looks And Makeup Tips and Makeup Ideas For Woman !! makeup tips

hello friends today i will show you some makeup ideas, makeupe looks and makeup tips

some worked and some didint and i have listed the ones that i feel have worked the best for oily skin in keeping makeup intact.

here is some makeup tips and makeupe ides for best makeup looks

1. double cleaning

2. exfoliate regularly

3. its all about priming

4. go light with foundation and concealer

5.keep blotting sheets handy



this is one change in my skincare routine that has made a lot of difference to my oily skin. every evening before bed,
i use oils like jojoba or coconut to first massage my skin and loosen the makeup. then i use a face wash to rinse it away.

it may feel counter- intuitive to use oils on oily skin but think about it this way- oil mixes with oil and dessolves it.
so the oil i massage on my skin dissolves the makeup and natural oils so i can easllu wash then away.




Exfoliate Regularly:

when you have oily skin, it is necessary to make sure your skin is kept clear of excussive oil and dirt build up.
Usa a face scrub that suit your skik type once or twice a week to remove the debris and dead skin cell build-up on your skin.
i like to use the Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer as this leaves my skin feeling smooth and it is super gentle on my skin.



3.its all about priming:

using an oil-free primer makes sure your makeup has a smooth base to go on and it also locks it in place for many hours.
A good primer will also prevent your makeup from slipping and settling into fine line and creases.
i use the lackme absolute blur perfect makeup primer over my T-zone because that is where it gets super oily through the day.

4.Go light with foundation and concealer:

i use very little foundation on a daily basis. i do not like to load my oily, sweat-prone skin with too much foundation and concealer.
Instead i dot foundation just around my nose, under my eyes and at the centre of my forehead,
and use a round fluffy brush to diffuse it outwarss towards the hairline.



5.Keep blothing sheets handy:

Blotting sheets are the best when it comes to takingcare of excessive oilliness that shows up around mid-day.
I have my trusted sheets in my bag all the time and around mid’day just gently press down on my T-zone to make it look matte again.
the advantage of using these is that they do not move the makeup, but seak up the extra oil.

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