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skin care tips

don’t have time for intesive skin care? You can still pamper yourself by facing the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay natural aging and prevent ariouse skin problems. Get started with these five no-nonsense tips.

1. Protect Yourself from the sun :

one of the most importance way to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun.

2. Don,t smoke :

smoking is the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which is decreasing blood flowing and makes skin paler.

3. Treat your skin gently :

Some Tips to treat Your Skin Gentle:

*limit bath time.
*Avoide Strong soaps.
*Shave carefully.
*Pat Dry.
* Moisturize dry skin.

4. Eat a healthy Diet :

always eat fruits, vegetables, Whole grains and lean proteins to protect your skin.

5. Manage Stress :

To encourage healthy skin- and a healthy state of mind-take steps to manage your tress.

homemade skin care tips

There are top 5 best essential and natural homemade beauty tips for fairness skin that people should definitely try out.

1. Avocado And Rice Powder Mask :

Avocado And Rice Powder Mask is not only a mask but Avocado And Rice Powder Mask is also an exfoliator. Avocado And Rice Powder Mask is very good for people having dry and sagging surface. Avocado And Rice Powder Mask Powder will help to exfoliate and avocado contains excellent moisturising properties. this is very helpfull mask.




* People ca mix about 1 cup of pulp of advocado which should be ripe and to this about half a teaspoon of grained rice powder.
*This should be applied normally and then after 20 minutes, this should be washed off by scrubbing in gentle motions.
*The mask will soften the surface and then it can be scrubbed easily.

2. Lemon Juice And Olive Oil Massage For Fairness Skin :

Lemon Juice And Olive Oil Massage For Fairness Skin is very good for those having sagging and old surface. This can be good for those who have clogged pores because warm olive oil will help to open ores. At the same time, the lemon juice helps to mildly bleach the surface and give a glowing effect.



* about 1 teaspoon of good brand olive oil can be taken and slightly warmed up.
* To this about 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice can be mixed.
* Then this can be massaged on for about 6 minutes and then washed off with a cleanser.
* However,this should not be done regularly.
* this should only be done a few times in a week.
* this shold only be avoided or lemon juice used in less quantity if these is irritating to the person using this.

3. Oatmeal And Honey For Fairness skin :

Oatmeal And Honey For Fairness skin is another popular ingredient that can be used to give glow. This can be quite easy to make as well. A person should know that oatmeal also has excellent properties of deep cleansing and getting the dry dead cells out.



* About half a cup of soaked and ground to a paste oatmeal can be used and then to this about half a teaspoon of honey can be mixed and then this can be used for about 15 minutes.
* This should be removed by scrubbing circular movements.
* Then this can be washed off and a person can use a face wash followed by a toner.

4. Mango And Honey For Fairness Skin :

Mango is very moisturizing fruit. However the leaf portion should not be used as this contains itching substance which often gives tingling sensation and can lead to rashes. the pulp excepting for this area can be seprated and used.honey is also give antibacterial and moisturizing and mild bleaching effect.



* About 1/2 cup of mango pulp can be used with about 1/2 table spoon of good brand honey and mixed.
* A person can apply this and lie down for about 15 minutes.
* Then this can be washed off.
* The mango is also rich in anti oxidants and has vitamin C and other Vitamins which can be quite helpful.

5.Orange Juice, Turmeric And Gram Flour:

Orange juice is very vitamin c rich bleaching agent. People who are not allergic to the citrus juices application, they can try this out.



* About a pinch of turmeric to a few tablespoons of fresh orange juice and a few tablespoons of good brand gram flour can be mixed.
* This will give a mixture that can be applied for about 15 minutes.
* Then this can be washes off. With regular usage, this will give rejuvenation, frshness and also bleaching.

skin care routine for oily skin

This is the simple homemade beauty tips for fairness skin that should be regularly done and followed to have flawless fair skin.


its so importace to have good balance diet which contains good source of vitamins. Along with these Vitamins can also obtained in good amounts from nuts like apricots, cashew nuts also from ground vegetables like carrot and pumpkins. protiens should also constitute a moderate portions of the everyday diet.

B) To Avoid Oily Food :

Excess oily food can cause the excess of sebum production and this can lead to patchy surface. This can also cause the sun burns due to excess deposition of oil on the surface.

c) Having Enough Water:

Having Enough Water is a very importance that many people do not properly follows. proper amount of water can lead to proper digestion. Proper digestion can help the naturients from food get absorbed better.

D) Exercising :

Exercising is another importance thing which should be properly follows.This can be yoga like doing various postures which leads to more blood circulation and this can also be some type of brisk walking or something like running or sprinting. These are quite helpful. A person can also do cycling which is often seen as a very good method of blood circulation.

E) Sleep :

Sleep is a very importance thing that should be done in proper amount. Sleep relieves the muscles and this gives relaxation from anxiety or stress. Enough sleep can help the body absorb nutrients.

F) Less Caffeine Intake :

Excess of tea or coffee or even alcohol  can lead to deposition of toxins in the body.

G) Exfoliation :

Exfoliation is a very importance thing that many people avoid. This helps to get rid of any dead and damaged upper cells. This helps in taking the dirt and grime away an also helps in new cell production.


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